Entertainment Host





per hour

Entertainment Hosts (aka, Game Masters) at Escape on 13th host groups from the time they enter to the time they leave. They are responsible for making sure each group has as much fun as possible. Participate in creating the best environment by making suggestions in our open document to improve Escape on 13th in any way you can think.

There are standard pay increases with experience, performance, and mastery of skills. Lot's of room to increase your pay if desired and willing to put forth the work required.

No experience wanted. Hard to master the skills required, highly rewarding if successful.

Applicants must have the following qualities:

  • Dependable

  • Honest

  • Extreme patience

  • Very willing to learn and start from scratch

  • Willing to make/take suggestions

  • Age 18+ with dependable transportation (preferably own vehicle)

It is a difficult job to watch people attempt to do things you know how to do without telling them how to do it. It will take significant time and effort to get good at game mastering so people have fun, but it is extremely rewarding and engaging (even fun) when these skills are mastered. If you are humble and willing to learn what we have to suggest, you can do great.