Best Escape Rooms for Large Groups


Highest rated in Utah

One of the best group activities in Salt Lake City, Utah!

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Parallel Lines
large group escape rooms salt lake city with many rooms

Multi Room Games

All our escapes have multiple rooms for your large group to explore together!

escape rooms for large groups photo

Included Souvenir Photo

Get a complimentary professional souvenir photo themed after your room available for your whole group online!

Large group escape room puzzles

Group Puzzles

Custom puzzles that require multiple people to solve for team building!


We host up to 36 people simultaneously (can accommodate more in multiple 1.5 hour blocks) any time we are open! The large group discount of 10% is for groups of 11 people or more.

  • Text "GROUP DISCOUNT" to  385-202-1360  and we will call you to apply a 10% large group discount.

  • All bookings are private, so all groups, large and small get a great experience.


For additional questions or to book your large group experience, call/text 385-200-1360.