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Eric T - Google

"... My wife and I and two friends came and did the "Walk the Plank" pirate-themed escape room. I had high expectations, but Escape on 13th blew them out of the water (bad pun intended)! The amount of detail in the room was absolutely incredible. The puzzles were challenging, but not insurmountable and the hint system was genius. ... On the whole, this was an incredible experience and well worth the price. For $25 a person, that's pretty standard for escape rooms in the area, but here you get a much more immersive experience. We will definitely be returning to try our hand at 'Rogue Agent' and ...'Curse of Anubis!' "

Tom R - Yelp

"I've been through a handful of other rooms - but this really blew them away. The attention to detail was amazing and I love that they had a few things (like using RFID or NPC) to make the whole experience better. It's obvious that it's the same artists that do such an amazing job as their Nightmare on 13th setups. Great times - and great fun! I can't wait to try out more."

Jordan S - Facebook

"The theme/ambiance was so spot on! I've done other escape rooms but this was the first true escape experience. I can't wait to come back with a group of couples to try the other escape attractions. Thanks for the good time!"

N T - TripAdvisor

"Experienced the "Walk the Plank" interactive escape adventure with a group of teens. It was a lot of fun for both youth and adults, honestly the challenge was what made it so enjoyable, it was actually harder than I anticipated. Even if you don't finish in 60 minutes (we didn't) its engaging enough that it doesn't matter and we didn't feel frustrated. In my opinion smaller groups make it easier and less chaotic (recommend 6 people max). Staging was incredible and staff was friendly and helpful. Can't wait until my next visit in one of the other two adventures that are offered."

David K - Facebook

"We walked the plank with a group of four. Loved it a great night out and a bunch of fun. Highly recommend this. We got hooked and came back for rouge agent. This was also great. This time we had seven and now there are seven of us that are hooked."

Niccol H - Google

"I had so much fun!! My biggest worry was that I didn't know most of the group I was going in with but I learned 10 seconds in that it didn't need to be a concern at all. Everyone is working together and solving clues like they have been working together forever. Overall though it was even more fun than I was expecting and I am looking forward to the other rooms being open so I can do another one!"


Gretchen N - Facebook

"This escape challenge was not only bigger, but the sets are much more detailed than other experiences I've had and the story and puzzles were great! I can't wait to go back and try their other rooms!"

Steve E - Facebook

"AMAZING! The setting and props were authentic, some were even genuine antiques! The puzzles were difficult enough to really make you think about it, but all had well thought out and fun solutions! We can't wait to go back!"


Kayla P - Yelp

"It was as expected, so much fun!!! The set was very well done and creatively put together. The clues are clever and challenging, really puts you into the world that it’s trying to set up for you and get your mind working...You gotta go give it a try! It won't disappoint."

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