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Enhancing Your Business Through Entertainment

☑ Team building
Reward the team
☑ Get out of the office

Escape rooms have proven to be an exciting and effective way to see how a team works together. Entertainment in general can be used to influence culture. Building a culture of collaboration, resliency, and creativity is hard! We aim to first, provide your team with a positive experience they won't forget, and second, help your team practice working together. Puzzles and challenges have been designed with teamwork in mind to encourage creativity, collaboration, and the need to communicate. All of this while having a top notch entertainment experience.

Escape on 13th

Salt Lake City Location

Capacity: 36 people/hour
Pricing: 10%-20% off

Immerse your team in our 4 flagship escape rooms at our downtown Salt Lake City location. Each room is meticulously designed to challenge your problem-solving skills and provide an unforgettable adventure. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced escape artist, our rooms offer something for everyone. Get ready to test your wits, work as a team, and have a blast! Remember your adventure with our complimentary themed souvenir photos for your team to share.

Keeping Team Building and Company Culture in Mind

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